December Meeting: Yariv Sadan on ErlyWeb in Berkeley

Yariv Sadan has graciously agree to present ErlyWeb at the next BayFP meeting in Berkeley, CA on Thursday, December 6, 2007. This talk will round out our trifecta of talks on functional web frameworks. The meeting will be in the Wozniak Lounge in Soda Hall:

Here are more specific directions once you get there:

People should come in from LeRoy, but instead of the LeRoy street
entrance (locked), go right along side the building to its end and
take a left to enter from the patio area which connects to the Wozniak
Lounge (so come in from the Ridge facing side of the building if you
look at the map). The building is on a hill, so they really do need to
come in via LeRoy and walk to the Ridge facing side of the building.

I’ll be in Boston during the meeting (:-(), so if you are able to record the video and/or audio of the talk, please volunteer.