Jan 9, 2008 Meeting: Philip Wadler on “Well-typed programs can’t be blamed”

Philip Wadler will be in town for POPL ’08 so we’ve asked him to reprise his ICFP ’07 talk “Well-typed programs can’t be blamed”. He’s been good enough to set us up with a proper room in the ACM conference hotel (it’ll still be free). The meeting will take place in the Nob Hill Room, The Stanford Court Hotel, San Francisco at 7:30pm Wednesday, January 9th, 2008.

Philip is a fantastically smart guy who has made numerous contributions to FP, so please pass this along to other lists/groups as you see fit (we’ve also got a giant room, so a bigger turnout would be nice).

Unlike previous meetings, we’ll skip food service for this one just to keep the hotel happy, so please eat before. (We may go out to a bar for a drink afterward if there’s interest.)