July 17th: Leo Meyerovich on Functional Reactive Web Programming

BayFP resumes Thursday, July 17th at 7:30pm with a talk by Leo Meyerovich on Flapjax.

The web is raising the bar for expected application features and
reactivity is one common theme. Thick clients are again becoming the
norm, further hinting at the form reactivity takes and guiding our
choice in how to support it. For these reasons, data binding is a
popular feature, yet bound terms are often neither first-class
citizens nor higher-order. To further help untangle typical reactive
web client code by facilitating compositional reasoning for events and
changing data, we created the Flapjax library for JavaScript, which
I’ll present in a tutorial fashion. It supports a simple push-driven
fragment of functional reactive programming (that can also be thought
of as first-class and higher-order extension of push-driven data
flow). However, our initial attempt to make the library even more
usable by adding supporting syntax was incomplete: gradually typing
and side-effects are core mantras to ECMAScript, so experience has
shown that we should have incorporated both to make an effective FRP
embedding. I’ll discuss the language-level attempt this led me to at
Adobe for Flex/ActionScript 3 last summer, and finish with pointers to
clear next steps in supporting IDEs and manycores.

Our host this month is Heysan: 301 8th Street suite 270 (door on the right after coming up in the elevator) San Francisco, CA.

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As always, the talk is free and open to everyone, though we do collect money for pizza and soda.