Don Syme on F#

Don Syme will speak on F# for our next meeting, Thursday, Nov. 20th, 2008 at 7:30pm.

Title: Functional, Parallel and Asynchronous Programming with F#

Abstract: In this talk we’ll take a look at F#, a fun, productive and expressive functional language for the .NET platform now becoming an officially supported language in Microsoft’s Visual Studio. We’ll take a F# in general and then dive into a particularly powerful and interesting feature of F# called asynchronous workflows, which enable lightweight structured task programming for mixed CPU and I/O parallelism.

To get into the building, you *must* RSVP. Please do so here:

We’ll be at the Hi5 offices again at 55 2nd Street, Suite 300 in San Francisco and about a mile from the train station. Because we’re expecting a big turnout, we’re just going to bring drinks and no pizza. Please eat before (or after)!

Entrance instructions:

Give your name to security in the building entrance, and they will let you up the elevators. On the 4th floor, someone will be there to lead you to the meeting.

We’ll see you at 7:30pm on Thursday!